Nikki Uglow

Innocence Conference Founder & Director

Founder of Innocence Girls Conference based in Launceston, Cornwall
Nikki is the founder of Innocence Girls Conference and StarGirlz and has a real passion and heart to help raise a generation of young girls to find their unique identity whilst discovering their personal journey in faith. Hitting hard topics that young girls are facing daily, speaking Truth and Life in hard situations whilst helping them to gain confidence in who they are created to be whilst guiding them to reach their full potential.
Over the years she has worked in various bands and is currently front-line singer for LED and previously in girl band ‘Collective;’ She has a real love of sharing her faith through music.
Having worked with over 200,000 young people over the last 12 years through school’s work, concerts, festivals, conferences and youth work she has a real understanding and knowledge of what young people are facing today and what they really need from life which is to discover their purpose and know that they are truly loved by God.